Human Error Reduction

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The easiest way to improve performance is to reduce human error.

Human error is a hidden cost.  You'll never see it as an individual line item, but every department's expenses: safety, quality, HR, IT, sales, administration, maintenance, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfilment, is bloated by the cost of human error.  The harsh reality is that human error could be costing you up to 10% of your bottom line. Human error is a workplace risk, not unlike a safety risk. By scientifically managing and minimizing human error you improve safety, quality and productivity, and dramatically reduce costs.  You also establish a positive culture where errors are no longer hidden, nor are workers blamed.  Instead, errors are collaboratively and scientifically analyzed, and actions are taken to minimize the potential for reoccurrence. We provide on-line and classroom human error reduction programs for leaders,  investigators, general personnel, and document designers.

Click links below to download PDFs of our Human Error Reduction courses:
  • Human Error Reduction Overview – recommended for all personnel, this program is available online or classroom, full-day and half-day formats.
  • Human Error Investigation and Diagnostics – recommended for quality personnel and error investigators, this program is available in classroom and online formats.
  • Human Error Document and Form Design –  good document design is a science.  Learn how to create 'error resistant' batch records, forms, procedures, job aids and work instructions.  We teach clients how to create concise forms and documents that are 'easy to get right, hard to get wrong'.
Desertfire Online (owner of the Talsico brand) has been the world leader in human error reduction since 1995. Our programs are proven effective and globally licensed by many of the world's leading companies.

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