Documentation Error Reduction

About Documentation Error Reduction

Documents are the life blood of your business.  They carry the information your employees need to do their jobs.  Accurate information in effective formats that are easy to complete, read and understand, reduce costly errors. Each document has a specific purpose.  Batch records form a legal record of how your product was made.  Procedures provide regulatory and quality compliance and detail how a task is performed.  Minutes provide a legal record of what was discussed and agreed, etc. Documentation errors, incorrect, missing, or out of date, information increase chronic and acute costs.  From investigation costs to quality holds, from scrap to product recalls, documentation errors reflect business processes that are out-of-control.

Inherent inefficiency

If your company is like most, the majority of your document formats are inherited, passed down from one user to another.  These documents were created by administrators, engineers, or programmers, with no document design expertise. Good document design is a science.  Our Document Error Reduction course will teach you how to:
  • create ‘error-resistant’ forms and batch records; forms that make it ‘easy to do the right thing, and hard to do the wrong thing’.
  • structure documents to reduce cognitive load and them easy to work with.
  • format your procedures and job aids to turn them into powerful performance improvement tools.
  • Reduce the length and complexity of your documents to make them user friendly.
  • Reduce the number of documents and maintenance workload.
If you are interested in reducing your costs, we invite you to learn the science of effective document design.